Trade of a Lifetime
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Trade of a Lifetime by Rebecca Aubrey

A forbidden arrangement that destroys their defenses, their plans—and builds more than they dreamed. Choosing spinsterhood over a stifling marriage, Lady Clara Chadbourne covertly applies herself to pursuits no lady ought to ponder. Surreptitiously running a London charity, she learns more about life than she should and makes friends she shouldn’t. Oh, she longs for a family, but what husband would accept—nay, embrace—her penchant for ardent piano pieces or her work with ladybirds? James Robertson has built a commercial empire—and a fortress around his heart. He has no use or patience for aristocrats, not with their disdain for his uncouth muscles and humble Scottish origins. The worst of the lot? His insufferable business enemy, the Earl of Anterleigh. Barging into the Earl’s residence for a confrontation, it’s James who is knocked askew…by meeting his rival’s sister. Lady Clara is opinionated. Delectable. Off-limits. Their chance encounter sparks an awakening, but Clara must refuse the liaison James proposes. It’s impossible…irresistible. With promises of secrecy and no sentimental entanglement, they indulge a passion that musses more than the bedsheets. Their arrangement will end in devastation...or in the trade of a lifetime. Don't miss James and Clara's sequel, Love Unbound. Read the Trade Wind Series Book 1:Trade of a Lifetime Book 2: Finding Harmony Book 3: Becoming Wanton Book 4: Terms of Trade Book 5: That Damned American Book 6: Love Unbound Book 7: A Divine Woman for the Priest
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