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Top 5 Reverse Harem Books As Selected By Our Readers

Are you looking for a new genre to read? If you love romance novels, we recommend you give reverse harem romance a try.

This genre is a spin-off of harem romance, where one male character is surrounded by three or more female characters. In reverse harem romance novels, a single female character has multiple male love interests. There are normally three or more male characters who essentially worship the female character. There doesn’t tend to be any jealousy or fighting over the female, and the men just accept that the female has all of them.

Reverse harem romance began in anime (what is anime) or manga. Originally, the girl had to choose one of the male characters at the end. However, reverse harem books subvert the traditional love triangle (or square or pentagon, depending on the number of love interests) plotline. Now the female lead doesn’t always have to choose one male partner at the end of the story. She can have all of the male characters, just like the male characters in harem romance.

If you’re a longtime romance novel reader, you’ve probably read tons of books where the main character is in a love triangle, struggling to decide on a partner. While it can be entertaining, the love triangle trope can get old and feel predictable. The idea that the female character doesn’t have to choose began around 2016, and it quickly became a popular idea. We like this trend because the end of the story can go either way, leaving an extra element of surprise.

You’ll find that there are a lot of sub-genres in reverse harem books. The story plots are all different, and many reverse harem novels are also sci-fi. The only aspect that is guaranteed to be the same is the harem part. You can expect the main female character to entertain a group of males wanting her attention.

When looking for book suggestions, there’s no better audience to turn to than our readers. We asked our readers to recommend their favorite reverse harem novels.

Here is our list of the top five reverse harem books, as voted on by our readers:

Power of Five

The main character was forced to spend her time cleaning horse stalls and being controlled by a master. Out of no where, four immortal brothers show up and become bonded to her. This situation may not be safe for anyone involved.

Pieces of Her Soul

This book is part of a 3 book series involving the female main character who has been deemed a failure by society. After meeting five men, she cannot choose one of them, even though it is customary in her kingdom to choose one man and one house. She worries she will be shunned if she cannot choose.

The Inheritance

After a bartender’s regular customer passes away, she finds out that he was a multi millionaire who left her his fortune. She has to be married within 30 days to receive the money, however. She invites four males to stay with her for a week, and now she may not be able to choose just one.


The main female character in this novel has magical blood in her veins, and with the city on the verge of disaster must make a choice. She is forced to choose between her family and doing what is expected of her. This book is the first book of a series.


The main character heads out on the Pacific Ocean with five men for an event called “The Challenge”. Unfortunately, the ship wrecks and they have to survive on a deserted island. This challenge goes much differently than the main character originally expected.

As you can see, there’s a lot of variety within the reverse harem genre. Our readers selected sci-fi, literary fiction, survivalist, and fantasy style books. If you like the idea of polyamorous romance novels, you’re bound to find one in your favorite genre. 

The Benefits of Reading Reverse Harem Books

In case you haven’t heard, reverse harem books are all the rage these days. But what exactly is a reverse harem book? Simply put, it’s a book where the main character is surrounded by three or more romantic partners of the opposite sex. While this might not sound like your cup of tea, there are actually quite a few benefits to reading reverse harem books, especially if you’re a business owner.

1. They Help You Escape the stresses of work.

Let’s face it, running a business can be stressful. There are always deadlines to meet, problems to solve, and fires to put out. Sometimes, you just need a break from the grind. And what better way to escape than by getting lost in a steamy romance novel? With a reverse harem book, you get not one, but multiple love stories all rolled into one. Talk about a stress reliever!

2. They Teach You about Relationship Dynamics.

Whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not, understanding how different relationship dynamics work can be beneficial both personally and professionally. After all, successful businesses are built on strong relationships—whether it’s between you and your employees, your customers, or your vendors. By reading about different types of relationships and how they work (or don’t work), you can gain valuable insights that you can apply to your own relationships.

3. They’re Just Plain Fun!

At the end of the day, sometimes you just need to relax and have some fun. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Reading should be enjoyable, so if reading a reverse harem book is something that sounds fun to you, then go for it! Life is too short to only read books that are “serious.”So there you have it—three good reasons to read reverse harem books. If you’re looking for a way to escape the stresses of work, learn about different types of relationships, or just have some plain old fun, then pick up a reverse harem book today!

What is a Reverse Harem Romance Book?

If you’re looking for something new and exciting, look no further than reverse harem romance books. This genre combines the intensity of a love triangle with the wildness of a harem story, making it an intriguing choice for readers who enjoy both. But just what is a reverse harem romance book anyway? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Reverse Harem?

Reverse harem is a type of romance novel that features one female protagonist surrounded by multiple male love interests. The female character may form relationships with any combination of her romantic partners, from one to all of them. Often, the focus will be on her journey to discover which man she really wants to be with in the end – and whether or not she can choose between them. While some stories feature elements of fantasy, most reverse harem stories are firmly grounded in reality. In these tales, it’s up to the protagonist to make her own decisions and figure out how she really feels about each individual male character – without any magical interventions or supernatural events getting in the way.

How does it differ from traditional romance books?

In traditional romance books, there’s usually only two characters involved – one man and one woman – who eventually come together in happy matrimony at the end of the story. But in reverse harem novels, there are multiple potential partners for the heroine and no guarantee that she’ll end up with any single one. This opens up an entirely new world of possibilities when it comes to exploring different types of relationships and navigating complex emotional terrain within the narrative. It also allows readers to explore what happens when more than two people are thrown into an intense romantic situation – something that isn’t always easy or straightforward! There’s also typically more sexual tension between all involved parties than what we might see in a typical romance book, as everyone competes for attention and affection from our heroine.

No matter what kind of reader you are, if you’re looking for something fresh and unique then give reverse harem romance books a try! These stories feature complex characters facing difficult decisions while surrounded by multiple potential love interests — something that can be both exciting and challenging all at once! With plenty of action-packed plotlines and thrilling twists and turns along the way, these books offer readers an experience they won’t soon forget — so why not give them a shot today? You might just find your newest favorite genre!

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