To Dance in the Glen
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To Dance in the Glen by Michelle Dalrymple

Deal End : 2021-09-15
He's destined to become Laird of his clan. But when passion sparks like fire in the Highlands, will a dark secret destroy them all? The daughter of a poor crofter Meg Lachlan has nothing in common with the Laird's son -- she doesn't even like him very much -- until she finds herself entangled with Ewan MacLeod, the rakish Highlander with a burning hatred for the English. Forced together by circumstance, their worlds collide amidst the turmoil of clan conflict and increasing English aggression. She is surprised when sparks fly between them and Meg is caught in the middle as a hidden truth risks engulfing them all. The laird's cocky son Soon-to-be Laird Ewan has lost his parents, his childhood, and his clan's security to the English, yet he's determined to protect Meg at all costs. In doing so, his overwhelming desire for her threatens to consume him. With treachery from inside the clan and out, Ewan must rise to the challenge and face his own demons to protect the woman he loves. A betrayal that threatens everything Then Meg goes missing, and Ewan will stop at nothing to save the woman who changed his life. As tensions with the English escalate and betrayal hits close to home, Ewan and Meg must fight to preserve their love amidst the chaos of war. Will their bond withstand the ultimate test? Or will they be torn apart by forces beyond their control? A steamy Highlander romance with bold heroes, strong heroines, and packed with true love and medieval adventure and will leave readers breathless for more.
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