Time-Crossed Wedding Guardians of the Stones Time Travel
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When time-crossed lovers Ashley Duvall and Lord Robert Spycer fall in love in 1363 England, Ashley realizes she needs to return to her modern world to explain to her mother and brother her choice to stay with Robert in his medieval world. Her family has already suffered the loss of her dad, missing for two years, and she cannot disappear and leave them wondering again. Little does she know that her medieval man will follow her or that Abasi, an unscrupulous London antiquities dealer, will be on their trail hoping to catch a time traveler as the pair flies to Ashley's home in Houston.The lovers plan a small Texas wedding with only family but are chased by Abasi's men, sending their car careening through a Guardian stone into 1863 Lawrence, Kansas. Robert, Ashley, her mother and brother must fight their way back home through a Civil War border battle, but not without surprises from the past, a timely wedding, and a familiar witch.
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