The Langley Sisters Boxset (Books 1-3)
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The Langley sisters will do what it takes to survive in a world where appearances are everything. Even become highwaymen. Enjoy this collection of unconventional heroines, and dashing heroes who will keep you turning the page right to the end! LADY IN DISGUISE (second chance at love) To save her family from ruin, Miss Olivia Langley is forced into a dangerous charade – pulling on a disguise, she takes to the road as a highwayman. Disaster strikes when she robs the one man she had hoped never to see again. Five years ago, Lord William Ryder broke Livvy's heart. Now he has returned, and she fears that if anyone can succeed at unmasking her deepest secrets, it will be him. LADY IN DEMAND (enemies to lovers) Phoebe’s first foray into society is not going quite as planned. Not only is she outspoken and unconventional — she has a history as a thief! The pompous and uptight Marquess of Levermarch has nothing in common with her and is determined to find fault in her every move. She is equally determined to ensure he never sees the real Miss Phoebe Langley. LADY IN DISTRESS (childhood sweethearts) Isabella is the Langley sister everyone worries about. Injured in the same accident that killed her parents, pain has changed her, forcing her to observe life from the side-lines, but after several months in a Scottish clinic she is no longer the meek and mild woman she’d once been. Now she wants to live her life, but to do so she must find out once and for all if the only man she has loved returns her feelings. BOOKS IN THE LANGLEY SISTERS SERIES Lady In Disguise Lady In Demand Lady In Distress The Lady Plays Her Ace The Lady Seals Her Fate The Lady's Dangerous Love The Lady's Forbidden Love
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