The Cowboy’s Honor
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The Cowboy’s Honor by Lacy Williams

Seb White had his heart shattered when Emma Morris walked away from their courtship two years ago. Now far from home, when he is beaten and left for dead, the last place he wants to be is under her care. But that’s exactly where he finds himself. Being close to her former beau means secrets are uncovered. But not the one Emma holds close to her heart. She never stopped loving Seb. Books in this series: Marrying Miss Marshal Counterfeit Cowboy Cowboy Pride The Homesteader’s Sweetheart Courted by a Cowboy Roping the Wrangler Return of the Cowboy Doctor The Wrangler’s Inconvenient Wife A Cowboy for Christmas Her Convenient Cowboy Her Cowboy Deputy Catching the Cowgirl The Cowboy’s Honor Winning the Schoolmarm The Wrangler's Ready-Made Family Christmas Homecoming
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