The Beast
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The Beast by Hildie McQueen

What hides beneath the surface can be beastly or perhaps lovable... Scarred and tortured during years in captivity, Duncan Ross must come to learn that he can live a normal life and allow himself to be loved. Duncan Ross' inner scars are even more horrifying that the visible ones. Unable to control his rages, he hides himself away from his close-knit family. A normal life that includes a wife and family will never be his, a truth he's accepted. When a beautiful woman decides to tell her family they are courting, the time soon comes for him to make a difficult decision that will break her heart and shatter his lonely soul. As the pampered daughter of a powerful laird, Beatrice Macdonald is rarely taken seriously. With a fierce protective nature, she fights to remain at Keep Ross to ensure her eldest sister is treated well. In an effort to influence her case to remain, she leads her family to believe that Duncan Ross is courting her for marriage. However, the more she gets to know the reclusive man, the more she realizes, she picked the wrong Ross brother for the ruse.
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