The Accidental Elopement
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The Accidental Elopement by Beverley Oakley

Friends at seven, lovers at seventeen, Katherine and Jack were meant to be together. But Jack, an orphan, is determined to make his fortune, while Katherine must make a good match. Seven years later, Katherine is now a widow, awaiting the return of her beloved Jack... Only to discover that Jack is bound by a betrothal agreement upon which his honour depends. And while Jack still loves Katherine, he truly believes she chose to elope with another man the night he set sail for the West Indies. Will duty and honour separate them once again? "Packed with drama, humor, spice, action, and lots of twists and turns." ~ Kindle reader. "Having previously been introduced to Jack as a child, it was satisfying to experience his continued story. As an added bonus the author provides the resolution of all the secondary characters, too. A good read." ~ Kindle reader. "I haven't read a Regency novel in quite some time. Very entertaining. Looking forward to others in the series again." ~ Kindle reader. This is Book 4 in the Scandalous Miss Brightwells series but it can be read as a standalone. If you want to read about Jack and Katherine when they were children, The Wedding Wager tells the love story of Jack's mother who discovers Jack seven years after she was forced to put him in the Foundling Home.

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