Sins of a Highland Devil
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Sins of a Highland Devil by Sue Ellen Welfonder

A fiery passion… Known throughout the Glen of Many Legends as ‘The Devil,’ James Cameron leads his clan with ruthless determination. He knows no weakness—until a headstrong, flame-haired beauty from a rival clan tempts him to sin. Forbidden desires unleashed… Catriona MacDonald’s past encounters with James have proved that ladies who play with fire can get scorched. But her brush with this devil leaves her burning to feel his touch once more, even though the fierce warrior is her sworn enemy. The price of their longing… Divided by centuries of clan feuds, strife, and rivalries, they share a fierce passion for the glen they each claim as their own. When the king orders a battle to the death to determine dominance, banishment threatens and long-held boundaries blur. James and Catriona soon discover there is much pleasure to be found in each other’s embrace. But their love must be paid in blood and the battle facing them could shatter their world. “Redemption, love, and loyalty in glorious, perilous mid-fourteenth century Scotland.”~Booklist

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