Ruined & Redeemed
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Ruined & Redeemed by Bree Wolf

When Lady Charlotte’s life is ruined, she buries her past and reinvents herself as Lotte, a lady’s companion. Sebastian, the future Earl of Weston, thinks marrying unsuitable Lotte is just the thing to aggravate his father — only to later learn who his bride really is… a USA TODAY bestseller by Bree Wolf England 1807: In his darkest hour, SEBASTIAN CAMPBELL, son to the EARL OF WESTON, all but stumbles over a shy, but brave and utterly beguiling, young woman. Her eyes are guarded, and doubt and pain lurk in their depths, but she moves with the determination of a survivor. When he learns that Charlotte has nowhere to go, Sebastian offers her a marriage of convenience: he will take care of her and in return their marriage will serve to thwart his father’s plans for the future of the earldom. However, before long, Sebastian realises that a marriage of convenience will not do for Charlotte’s gentle strength and tender heart soon prove to be his undoing. He finds himself thinking of her day and night, wishing for more - a lot more - than what they agreed upon. Traumatised and scarred, LADY CHARLOTTE FRAMPTON is running from the demons of her old life when she is swept away to Gretna Green by a handsome and honourable, young man. He promises her the very safety her heart longs for, and before Charlotte knows what’s happening, she is tied to him in marriage. Doubts soon invade her heart, and when Sebastian starts to look at her with more than friendship in his gaze, Charlotte panics. However, her new husband proves a man of his word, never once crossing the line that Charlotte has drawn around her. His hands catch her whenever she falls, and his gentle kindness begins to soothe the darkness in her soul. Her heart responds without thought, and Charlotte finds it unwittingly stolen without her consent. But then the demons of her past return, forcing Charlotte to decide whether to run again…or stay and fight. If you like marriage of convenience stories with a touch of mystery, a dash of humour as well as deep, heartfelt emotions, then you’ll love this installment of Bree Wolf’s Love’s Second Chance Series. Grab RUINED AND REDEEMED, get a cup of tea, settle into your favorite reading spot and start this swoon-worthy romance now! Each love story in this series can be read as a stand-alone. However, most readers prefer to read them in order.
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