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Purity by Sydney Jane Baily

In this seductive early Victorian romance by USA Today Bestselling author Sydney Jane Baily, a proper young lady tries to civilize the unseemly bachelor baron. Can she do so without shattering her impeccable reputation? She’s a straitlaced silk-stocking and he’s a scandalous fox! Known as the “proper Diamond sister,” Lady Purity thoroughly enjoys adhering to the rules of society. Everything is right in her world when manners are minded and civility reigns. Clean gloves, no vulgarities, not a hair out of place! Renowned for his past indiscretions, Lord Matthew Foxford doesn’t let propriety or tedious rules get in his way. Asking the prim earl’s daughter to teach him etiquette, he hopes to win her heart while loosening her corset. Unaware of his intent, Purity agrees to turn this thundering buck into a reputable nobleman. Can she do so without falling for his seductive charm? Or will the Fox tempt her from the straight and narrow path into the garden of irreparable ruin? Engaging characters, attention to period detail, and passionate romance with a touch of intrigue — you’ll find it all in the stories by USA Today bestselling author Sydney Jane Baily. Diamonds of the First Water #1 Clarity #2 Purity #3 Adam #4 Radiance #5 Brilliance

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