On Her Warrior’s Secret Mission (Secrets and Vows Book 2)
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From USA Today bestselling author Gayle Callen comes the “Secrets and Vows” series, with four couples each bound together by sworn vows, yet divided by secrets. Trained as a knight, yet sworn to the monastery, Reynold Welles cannot stand by when he sees beautiful Lady Katherine Berkeley imprisoned. He risks everything to rescue her, and together they begin a journey fraught with both peril and temptation. Katherine holds information that will save the king’s life, but enemies pursue them. Reynold becomes her champion, even though the secrets they hide from each other only increase their passion and obsession. They’ve sworn vows of honor that keep them apart, but can they find a way to risk all for love? Note: This book was previously published as The Darkest Knight. This edition has been enhanced with photos, audio, and author notes.

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