Nearly a Lady

Nearly a Lady by Alissa Johnson

He wanted to right his family’s wrongs—but this damsel in distress has little reason to trust high society types and no interest in joining them… The woman makes the man... Winnefred Blythe learned at a young age to make do with very little. After the death of her father, she taught herself to live on a pauper’s allowance—until a charming visitor promises her the funds that had been stolen from her through the years. But Freddie isn’t comfortable with the trappings of money—or the attentions of a handsome stranger from London… But can a man make a lady? After the war, Lord Gideon Haverston resolved to never again burden himself with the troubles of others. Still, he was expecting to be greeted as a hero by the beautiful, if eccentric, young woman his stepmother cheated out of house and home, not suspected as a conspirator. Indeed, the situation is more complicated than Gideon had expected—and the task of taming Winnefred Blythe much more alluring… Praise for the novels of Alissa Johnson “A delightfully witty gem…A courageous, hilarious heroine, laugh-out-loud humor, and a true hero who will steal your heart.”—Jennifer Ashley, USA Today bestselling author “Seductive… Filled with rapier-sharp repartee, passion, and espionage.”—Sophia Nash, RITA Award-winning author
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