Mask of Duplicity
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Mask of Duplicity by Julia Brannan

Painted faces and dignified wigs hide deadly secrets. Can a woman fighting for hope overcome a tangled web of politics and insurrection? Wonderful historical fiction! Great accuracy and detailed research, with a full-blooded, gripping story running (and sometimes leaping) from page to page. Excellent read—and even better, the beginning of a series! - Diana Gabaldon England, 1742. Beth Cunningham loves her simple existence. But left penniless with only a dowry held in trust after her father’s death, she fears her peaceful rural lifestyle is about to be snatched from her hands. And when her ruthless brother comes home from war intent on using her inheritance to advance his own career, she’s terrified her much-valued freedom is about to be married off forever. Defying his ugly orders that she enter society, Beth soon gives in to her sibling’s demands when he turns violent. But with rebellion boiling over across the country, her Catholic heritage may be deadlier than her brother’s fearsome ambition. Can she escape her family’s conspiratorial control and survive the coming revolution? Mask of Duplicity is the enthralling first tale in The Jacobite Chronicles historical fiction series. If you like strong-minded heroines, rich details of the past, and political mayhem, then you’ll love Julia Brannan’s mesmerizing story. Buy Mask of Duplicity to break free from oppression today!
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