Mail Order Mistake
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Mail Order Mistake by Ginny Sterling

There is magic in love... Russell Wolfe was a victim of cholera, just like the others. Helpless, he witnessed firsthand as the disease wiped out both friend and foe, leaving him alone, bitter, and hostile, on the outskirts of this cursed town. When a secret matchmaker sends out a plea for help to bring hope and a fresh start to Lore Valley, Russell finds himself face to face with a bride he never expected and can’t find the strength to turn away. For Rose Bonnett, this was just another mistake in a long line of screw-ups in her life. Cursing her stubbornness, she refused to ask for help because it always seemed to backfire right in her face. Answering the tempting ad in the paper, she was whisked to the middle of a small town that was left reeling from the onslaught of unexpected brides arriving suddenly. Was Lore Valley ready for this plethora of eligible young women? Why was the town amused that Rose was matched with Russell? Could this ‘curse’ truly be a ‘blessing in disguise’ after all? *** A sweet and clean romance Mail-Order Bride series that can be read together or individually with a Happily Ever After that is legendary…
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