Love Unconditional
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Love Unconditional by Jen Yates

May 1815- He was her birthright. She was born for him. The Earl of Windermere fell in love with Miss Jassinda Carlisle when he held her in his arms as a new babe. Her brother’s best friend, he’d been eleven years old at the time. The bond had only deepened with maturity. But by the time Jassie claimed her first kiss at her sixteenth birthday party, Rogan is irreparably damaged and knows he can never take any woman to wife. At twenty-five Jassie is over waiting. While Rogan lives she will marry no other, not even the handsome Duke of Wolverton, who professes to love her. But the events she unleashes with her demand Rogan show her, just once, what can be between a man and a woman, test her love beyond what she could ever have imagined. Rogan is a gentleman. How can he wed his beloved Jassie, as honor demands, when he knows the monster who emerges when his mind slips its leash, and he becomes that tortured soul who must punish the woman in his arms? Jassie vows her love is unconditional. Will it be enough?Love Unconditional is the stunning first novel in the Lords of the Matrix Club series. An erotic romance set in the Regency Era. If you like the Bridgerton Stories, with breath-taking love stories, and vibrant details, you’ll love this book. Lovely. Romantic. Satisfying.
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