Lessons in Enchantment
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Lessons in Enchantment by Patricia Rice

NYT bestselling author Patricia Rice presents the first book in her new School of Magic series: Can a straitlaced engineer, three psychic children, and a lonely witch find love? The daughter of an earl, Lady Phoebe Malcolm Duncan has the ability to talk to animals. She longs to be a veterinarian, but education requires more coin than she possesses. When the walls of her home come tumbling down, she has to take two steps back—to servitude. Inventor Andrew Blair keeps his nose to the grindstone, knowing his friends and family depend on his talent for turning machines into money. He is about to embark on his biggest investment yet—rebuilding crumbling tenements in Old Town Edinburgh— until his beleaguered cousin begs him to hide his precocious children from a killer. When the School of Malcolms sends Lady Phoebe as governess for his wards, Drew’s well-ordered beliefs are upended. Ladies don’t live in slum housing like the one he’s about to tear down, nor do they command ravens or encourage children to talk to dead mothers. It might take a vengeful ghost to show the disparate pair how to join forces, fight their fears and their enemies, and reveal a path to love. “. . .transports readers to Victorian-era Scotland with the appealing . . . fantasy romance” Publishers Weekly School of Magic series in order: Book #1 Lessons in Enchantment Book #2 A Bewitching Governess Book #3 An Illusion of Love Book #4 Librarian’s Spell Book #5 Entrancing the Earl Book #6 Captivating the Countess
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