Jeni Finds Safety
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Jeni Finds Safety by Krissyann Granger

Shouldn't a mail-order bride be guaranteed a groom? Jeni MacGregor fled from Massachusetts to Montana to marry Scott Maxwell. Being a mail-order bride had to be better than staying behind, where Mr. Benson won’t take no for an answer. When Scott refuses to marry her, without explanation, she’s left desperate in a town full of strangers—and she’s running out of time. Her only solace is that Scott puts her under the protection of the fearless men of The Maxwell Group, with his cousin Caleb as her personal bodyguard. When her past catches up with her, Jeni has a hard decision to make. Will she marry or take her chances on the run? Although the story is old fashioned, The Maxwell Brides Series contains violence, adult language and themes, and descriptions of physical intimacy. It is intended for mature readers. Jeni Finds Safety is part of a series that is best when read in order. The books each stand alone, but there is a story arch that requires the reader to follow through to the end to get all the answers. If you stop after Book One, you won't have the whole story. The journey is as important as the destination and you won't see what's coming until you turn the next corner. Stick with us as we rebrand and re-cover this series. Our book covers were beautiful, but a little too sweet for this series.
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