Hollow Court
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Hollow Court by Robin D. Mahle

She needed an escape. He needed her. Galina has been looking for a way out. So when she has the chance to break free of her kingdom and the man who wants to own her, she has no choice but to see it through. Even if it means collecting on a life debt from the worst decision she’s ever made. Davin’s mistakes are catching up to him. A lifetime of being the biggest scandal in the Lochlannian royal family has finally landed his people in danger. So when Galina shows up at his door in need of a betrothal, it might just solve all of his problems. Even if it means pretending to love a woman who hates him. But their ruse quickly becomes dangerous. Between spies, court politics, and an uprising that wants to destroy them both, they’ll have to decide if their lie is worth fighting for. If they are worth fighting for. Bridgerton meets Outlander in this second chance, enemies-to-lovers fantasy romance. *This series takes place in the Lochlann World, but can be devoured and enjoyed all on its own. **Please note: This is Book One in a duology, and does leave you at the edge of a cliff! But don't worry, the story will be complete in Fall of 2023.
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