Fragmented Silence: Elizabeth’s Story: A Novel of the UNDERTAKERS INC. Series

Before becoming the owner of the Undertakers Inc. business, before becoming an Archangel, before awakening as a Natural vampire, Fiona was Elizabeth, the odd girl who liked mathematics and flowers. Married at eighteen to an abusive husband, the day she escapes the “house of terror” is the day she begins to awaken as a vampire. Traumatized by a decade of extreme violence in her home and now her transformation into an undead creature, Elizabeth finds solace only in her tender friendship with Joe, the distant and withdrawn vampire, and later with her two lovers, the intellectual George and the sensual Marco, but both are brutally murdered before her eyes. Every new trauma fragments her soul, and so does her body “split”. Recruited as an Archangel for her unique shapeshifting abilities, she must now face her own children, also vampires, and how her former husband’s violence extends throughout the generations. After their tragic deaths, she renounces her name, her title, and life in the highest spheres of the vampire society to become Fiona Whittaker, laundress, seamstress, and later owner of an undertaker business. But friendship and love await her again in the darkness, and a quiet forever with her little “clan”…

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