Big Slick: A Hollywood Witches Novella
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Big Slick: in poker, it's the hand that offers the biggest opportunity…to get you in trouble if you're not careful.

And that’s just what very bad boy Evander Bliss is—trouble—to green witch Sukie Francis, who was happily tending her herb and flower gardens with her ancient pug dog, Assassin, by her side. Until the most powerful gangster in Hollywood crash-lands at her door.

Disruptive doesn't begin to cover his magnetic attractiveness…which Sukie is determined to resist. The code of her sisters in magic dictates helping a wounded stranger, not hopping into bed with him. And certainly not falling in love.

Especially not with this dangerous and possessive wild card of a man. So it's downright inconvenient when Evander decides he's had enough of the objections and steals her away to his Hollywood Hills luxury bachelor pad to keep as his favorite toy.
Little does he know he's met his match in Sukie's sparkling hazel eyes…and iron will.

When the last card is played in the game of hearts, which hand will win?

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