An Unsuitable Alliance: Dutiful Wives
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A handsome politician determined to stamp out corruption. A beautiful wife with a sinful past. And a burgeoning love threatened by more than a past liaison. Three years after her dutifully contracted marriage, Adelaide, Lady Leeson, has fallen in love with her husband. Desperately, unequivocally, and madly in love with the good, honest man who rescued her when she was at her lowest ebb. The problem is that Tristan, Lord Leeson, thinks she is indeed a little mad—though he cares deeply for her. And Adelaide’s mother will do whatever she can to enforce the fiction that her daughter has led a blameless past and that her psychological distress is based on events far more innocent than the truth. However, when Adelaide's past lover returns to England, now a celebrity due to his salacious poems, all of society wants to discover the identity of his muse. Now Adelaide must double down on her mother's lies. For if Tristan were to learn the truth, how could he love her? A passionate, tender, second-chance romance of mistakes, regrets, and ultimate redemption. Here's what the readers say: "My goodness, this was an intense and highly emotional book!" ~ Kindle Reader "I think this was possibly the most gripping second chances story I have read this year! What happens in Tristan and Addy's romance had me going through a whole range of emotions as I read deep into the night and again today until I finished." ~ Kindle Reader "An intriguing story … with lots of twists and turns and surprises.” ~ Kindle Reader "Wonderful characters and a really fabulous story which I just have to recommend!" ~ Kindle Reader

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“If a book about failures doesn't sell, is it a success?” ― Jerry Seinfeld

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