A Scandalous Portrait
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A Scandalous Portrait by Callie Hutton

He took one look at the painting and all the air in the room disappeared. . . The Earl of Huntington (Hunt) is a silent partner in a successful gambling hell run by his two brothers. A well-respected member of the ton, he moves about in Society as an unknown agent for the Crown on its most sensitive matters. Lady Diana is a long-time friend of Hunt's with the ability to embroil herself in difficult matters that require his assistance. Once again she needs his help, but this situation could be a major scandal if discovered. Against his better judgment, Hunt agrees to her scheme, but this time the circumstances cause him to view the woman he’d always considered just a friend in a different way. The passion and desire that sparks between them must be squelched since she would never do as his Countess. Scandal follows her every move...
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