A Lively Companion
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A Lively Companion by Corrie Garrett

Escape into the delightful world of A Lively Companion, a heartwarming Pride and Prejudice variation that unfolds with grace and charm, delivering a tale of love and self-discovery. Elizabeth Bennet is more insulted than flattered when Lady Catherine asks her to be a temporary companion to her sickly daughter, Anne. Elizabeth politely rejects the plan, but when her father reveals that he has had a catastrophic investment, she accepts after all. A summer visit to Tunbridge Wells is no great hardship, she reasons, even if Lady Catherine is dictatorial and eccentric. As the summer unfolds, Elizabeth unexpectedly finds relief in the company of enigmatic Mr. Darcy. Lives become intertwined in unexpected ways and Mr. Darcy, guided by a genuine desire to understand Elizabeth, embarks on a journey of self-reflection. With the backdrop of familial obligations and societal expectations, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy navigate the complexities of their evolving relationship. In a situation that magnifies Mr. Darcy's station and scrapes Elizabeth's sensibilities, how will they find love? Experience the warmth of a summer filled with difficult emotions, sincere connections, and the timeless magic and humor of love.
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