Wolf God
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Wolf God by Veronica Douglas

Some monsters just need to be tamed. The Dark Wolf God was a monster of legend—a shifter so powerful that he could lay waste to the world and make alphas bow before him. I didn’t believe he was real. Then four weeks ago, he attacked my pack and nearly ended my life. Now he’s claimed me. When a war with the fae threatens his realm, he tears me from my world and makes me his captive. He believes I have the power to free him from a curse, but unless I figure out what kind of magic I have, he’ll never let me go. He’s my enemy, but there’s no denying the heat between us or the bond that ties us together. Should I defy the monster, or could the man behind the beast be redeemed? If you love alpha heroes with dark souls, tortured pasts, and an obsession with the woman who could bring them to their knees, sink your teeth into this enemies-to-lovers paranormal/fantasy romance. Wolf God: Samantha & Cadean, Book 1 of 3 *This is part 1 of a dual-POV, slow-burn romance with an HEA in Book 3 and increasing steam.
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