Winning her Loyal Heart: A Historical Western Romance Book
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Rachel’s predetermined fate has always been to follow her family's tradition and become a mail-order bride. In an effort to escape from a loveless future, she tries to convince her mother to let her marry the man that has been courting her instead. However, Rachel’s world collapses when he betrays her, and she is forced to follow her parents’ wishes, although finding love seems impossible to her. She is determined not to give her heart away a second time, as she isn’t ready to trust anyone, especially Lee, her husband-to-be. Although a bit reserved and homesick upon their first meeting, she can't help but notice a connection and considers giving him a chance. Is their blooming love strong enough to thaw her heart and help her overcome the doubts that threaten to keep her from happiness?


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“Be careful about reading health books. Some fine day you'll die of a misprint.” ― Markus Herz

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