Wild Dragons Series Bundle
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Wild Dragons Series Bundle by Anastasia Wilde

All three novels in Anastasia Wilde’s epic dragon shifter trilogy, Wild Dragons, in one delicious bundle! Dragon’s Rogue Zane Greystone has one mission: help his brother dragons find three magical items to seal the tomb of the evil dragon Vyrkos, and keep him from rising in a devastating volcanic eruption that will destroy the city of Portland and everything around it. His mission leads him to Blaze McKenna, a rogue witch whose fate is entwined with their mission—and the woman he and his dragon have seen in their dreams for nearly a century. Dragon’s Rebel Rebel Smith is no fairy-tale princess. She’s the best retrieval specialist in the Pacific Northwest, which is a fancy way of saying “expensive thief-for-hire.” But now sexy, grouchy, obsessive dragon shifter Thorne Greystone has dragged her off to his lair, insisting that she’s his Destined Mate—and the only person who can find the second magical Seal that will save the world from fiery destruction. Dragon’s Storm Tyr Greystone wants nothing more than to be Tempest Leigh’s fairy-tale dragon prince—to love and protect her forever. But Tempest was born with the ability to see the future—their only advantage in the race to find the third Seal before their enemies raise Vyrkos from his tomb. And when Tempest is with Tyr, her ability doesn’t work. Tyr is torn between his desire to mate with Tempest, and his desire for her to become the strong, powerful witch she was destined to be. And time is running out… Three Wild Dragons. Three Destined Mates. One impossible mission. And an ancient prophecy that binds them all together... If you love hot dragons with hoards of gold, wild passionate shifter love, danger, excitement and adventure, this is the series you’ve been waiting for!

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