Wicked Game of the Hunter
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Wicked Game of the Hunter by Tracey Ryan

In the first book of the Wicked Game of the Hunter romantic suspense series, buried secrets from the past can't stay hidden in this deadly cat-and-mouse game fueled by greed. Finally, everything seems to be falling into place for Emma Sharpeton after her father's tragic death. Little does she suspect that this recent good fortune will bring her face-to-face with a past she thought had been obscured by her future. Her long-lost love and British millionaire, Hunter Logan, suddenly reappears in her life. While the pair begin to rekindle what they once had, dark and disturbing events lead them down an ominous path. Emma becomes the obsession of a dangerous stalker with nefarious intentions who will stop at nothing to win this game. Her pursuer taunts her with cryptic messages that point in the direction of long-ago buried secrets. In this chilling first installment, everything Emma has is on the line - including her life. And at the final hour, she doesn't know whom to trust or who may be reaching out from beyond the grave.
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