When You Are Mine

When You Are Mine by Iris Cannon

Intensely private and introverted, Olivia Kane has her whole life ahead of her. But when her boyfriend of two years announces their engagement to the world, no-one is more surprised than Olivia herself. While her media lapping boyfriend shines in the limelight that's been cast upon them, Olivia finds herself an unwilling participant in this new world she's been thrust into. It's not until she meets Jack Speed that her engagement starts to unravel, and as her relationship with her fiancé deteriorates, she struggles to fight the feelings blossoming between her and the arrogant property developer. But when the ultimate betrayal leaves her reeling, Olivia flees the country to heal, leaving both men behind. She doesn't anticipate that they will still be waiting for her upon her return, and that one will go to extraordinary lengths to make her his.
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