When We Were Warm
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When We Were Warm by A.B. Raphaelle

A THOUGHT-PROVOKING PAGE-TURNER • The first book in A.B. Raphaelle’s upcoming time travel series. The unwilling subject of a trans-human experiment in 2050, Aroya's only escape is time travel. Arriving in 2019 San Francisco, he meets Abbie, a nurse who has just witnessed a murder. "A wonderful and fresh read; a highly unique blend of elements—romance, poetry, spirituality, and a small dash of quantum physics! …This isn't an overly steamy novel with hyped up sex scenes every other page. Rather, the romantic scenes are well-placed, and well-paced, and quite moving. Aside from that, throughout the story, there are subtle lessons within that I feel we could all use-—especially during these times! Overall, a fun, page-turning read!" ~ Amazon Reviewer San Francisco, 2019. Abbie Lite, a nurse at the Public Hospital, witnesses a murder but is terrified to come forward. Now, at the end of her rope, she seeks guidance from a Brazilian shaman. During her shamanic session, she experiences amazing visions that foretell events soon to come. In front of her favorite café, Abbie comes face to face with an unusual man who has silvery skin and the ability to read her thoughts. His name is Aroya—he has just arrived from the year 2050. Little does Abbie know that this unusual man will soon save her life. And thus, their adventures in time travel begin! "This book has a little of everything: a bit of drama, exciting moments, and gentle humor. Add a generous dash of romance and you have an enjoyable read. AB Raphaelle uses descriptions well to create a mental idea of where each character is in the book. Her characters are believable and the odd twist to the story leaves the reader wondering whether any particular character is actually sinister in nature or whether the character supports the endeavors in making the world a better place. The layout of the book helps the reader to follow the story, informing the reader of where they are in the timeline of each character. The concept of time travel itself is one that can be easily played with, as it has been used many times for the basis of a novel. When We Were Warm works with this concept well, leaving the reader pondering the possibility of alternative timelines." ~ Janine Thatcher for Readers’ Favorite

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