Vines of Ivy
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Vines of Ivy by Kitty Berry

What happens when one night of unexpected sex turns into something you can’t do without? -A bro-job …“It doesn’t have to mean anything.” …“It’s just this once, right?” Last summer, Troy Cohen spent one night with his best friend and it changed their relationship forever. Now they’re graduating from high school and Troy is ready to spread his wings and leave his small town behind to explore his sexuality at the Ivy League school he’s dreamed about since childhood. Trouble is, his plans don’t include his best friend. But an Ivy League education doesn’t come cheap and the money his parents had saved is gone. Jason Cohen finds himself in a bind. He used his son’s college fund to rescue his failing business, and now, he’s faced with a terrible choice: disappoint his son and confess his failures or find some way to replace the money he took…and fast. Lucky for Jason, his old pal, Boden Lane III returns after years apart. The last time the Cohens saw Bodi was when the trio gave in to their desires and shared a night of unbridled passion. Bodi packs up and moves in with the Cohens to help with their financial troubles by creating a start-up company called Compatible Companions. Unfortunately, even the best-laid plans can go awry, and their endeavor turns into more than any of them expected. Then, when everything is finally going according to plan, Ryker Banks enters the picture and changes their lives forever. They should have known that the past would only stay buried for so long.
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