Valentine’s Day Virgin
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Valentine’s Day Virgin by Penny Wylder


I've never had a good Valentine's Day.
And when I think this year could be different, I accidentally destroy a display of overpriced chocolates at the mall. Fortunately, a wonderful woman pays for all the damage I caused.
But her kindness isn't free.
She wants me to go on a date with her brother.
All I have to do is attend a fancy party with a man I've never met before. Then we do meet, and I know I'll never be able to forget him. He's powerful, stacked, and his smirk tells me he's eager to get his hands on me.
I think we can keep things professional...
Then he finds out I'm a virgin.
Now he's more beast than man, lusting to show me what he can do that all my other exes were too afraid to try. He calls them weak, and himself lucky.
Could this Valentine's Day be the first one I enjoy?
Or will his secret ruin more than just the holiday?

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