Twisted Hitman

Twisted Hitman by Audrey Bell

She’s the thief he’s hired to kill. But attraction burns hot and bright between them. Will he pull the trigger? Or will his heart win out in the end? *** Cori As a thief, I’m not the type of girl to make an honest living. I like to steal from rich, powerful men who believe they are untouchable and invincible, then sit back and watch them crumble. Until the day I meet my match when Victor Santino—hired hitman, twenty years older than me, and a living, breathing sex god—hunts me down for stripping a billionaire of his precious jewels at his own Christmas party. Despite his cold, tough-as-nails exterior, it turns out that Victor likes the thrill of the chase just as much as I do. And I’m more than willing to give him a run for his money. Victor I’m used to being the hired grunt. The one who pulls the trigger, gets blood on his hands, and takes care of the dirty work my wealthy bastard clients sweep under the rug. When my marks see me coming, they beg for their lives and plead for mercy that I never grant them. Except for Cori Blaine. She laughs, flirts, and flaunts her perfect, curvy body. Even with a gun in my hand, pointed at her heart, she’s not afraid of me. When Cori slips through my fingers, it’s the first time I’ve failed a mission and allowed a mark to get away. She’s young—too young for me—and the way she teases lights a fire between us that I don’t have the heart to extinguish. Will I carry out my directive like the killing machine I’ve always been? Or will I abandon everything I’ve ever known to keep Cori safe?
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