Twist of Fate: Time Travel Romance (The Becquerels)
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A storm.
A rip in time.
A mishap.

Erika Becquerel finds herself in an impossible world. A Harvest Moon Ball in her beloved grandfather's home? As she struggles to make sense of claims that she fell into the year 1837, her grandfather's life hangs in the balance.

Resigned to a life of misery, colonial man Charles Becquerel faces a life already mapped out for him. But when Erika suddenly and inexplicably appears in his life, he senses an unexpected change.

Though from two different centuries, Erika and Charles find themselves in a romance that defies time itself. But will their love for each other be enough to keep them together? Or would time prove to be too much of an obstacle?

The silent grandfather clock chimes the hour. A dangerous thunderstorm rages outside while the world inside turns upside down. Trapped between two timelines, Erika faces an impossible choice. Lives hang in the balance. She must choose…

An emotional and touching time travel romance with a happily-ever-after that spans the centuries.

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