Tuesdays Like That
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Tuesdays Like That by Carina Taylor

Tuesday My grandma’s dying wish is to see me married. That’s kind of hard when my idea of commitment is finishing a TV series. So I organize a fake wedding to Jordan Boone. I’ll be the wish grantor and keep my freedom. Do I know my fake husband? Barely. We played together as children since our grandmothers were best friends, so I’m grateful he’s willing to go along with my wild idea. Except someone (ahem, Mimi Boone) interferes, and apparently we’ve been married for real. My very real hunk of a husband has grown up to be a fiiiine man. That still isn’t enough for me to want to be trapped in a marriage. Undoing it should be easy. It will be easy. Just as soon as I get this inheritance mess straightened out… Jordan My fake wife is vivacious, beautiful, and wants to get away from me as fast as possible. I can’t blame her when the feeling is mutual. I don’t like being manipulated. A quickie divorce would be the obvious answer, but then Tuesday finds out she can’t inherit her grandparents’ farm without me. What kind of guy would I be if I walked away? And when Tuesday moves in with me while I renovate my cousin’s house…playing house together isn’t near as bad as I imagined. What happens if I’m never ready to let her go? Note: This is a closed door romance with steamy kisses, mild language, and talks about grief.
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