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Triskelion by Avril Borthiry

The daughter of a Saxon knight and a Welsh healer, Katherine Harrington is a spirited, but lonely girl. Her father is notorious for having killed the last wolf in England. Her mother, who died birthing Katherine, is something of a mystery, since Katherine's father refuses to speak of her. When strange, repetitive dreams start to haunt Katherine, she tells no one, fearful of being judged or ridiculed. But when one of the men in her dreams turns out to be real, she is forced to acknowledge a frightening truth. Are they dreams? Or might they be something else? And what did she glimpse in the mouth of the wolf's cave on that misty morning? Was it the ghost of a long-dead legend? Or the rebirth of another?As the truth of Katherine's birthright comes to light, it reveals the existence of an ancient prophecy. Two men are destined to influence the outcome of that prophecy. One of them steals Katherine's heart. The other captures her soul.This story is based on an actual legend told to me as a child, and is one that has always intrigued me. I am familiar with almost all the locations in the book, having grown up in the area.
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