Touched By Time : A Sweet Time Travel Western Romance (Time Travel/Mail-Order Brides Romance Series Book 1)
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What if answering a strange-looking ad in the newspaper made it so you traveled back in time to 1892?

Kimberly loves her work, but hates her job. She is a nurse and enjoys helping people; however, her boss has it out for her, and makes Kimberly’s life miserable. While flipping through the classifieds, an old-fashioned mail-order bride ad catches her eye. She has no way of knowing how much this ad will change her life.

Victoria is a widow, looking for ways to keep herself busy and help other people at the same time. She decided to start a mail-order bride business, but she also has a secret she needs to be careful to hide; she lives in 1892.

Patrick lives on a ranch and loves his life. The only problem is he lives too far from town to properly court a woman and is looking for a woman's love to help brighten his life. He enlists in Victoria’s help to find him a woman who will be compatible with his life. Little does he know, Victoria is thinking of sending someone from the future. Can Kimberly and Patrick soon learn to accept each other's differences, and will it be enough to start a family of their own?

If you enjoy sweet time travel and western romances, this series is for you!
100% Recommended. Enjoyed very much. Fantastic. Kindle Customer
I made the mistake of starting to read this book as I went to bed. Big Mistake!!! I couldn’t stop reading.
Very hard to put down.

This is a great time travel novel and the beginning of a great series.

Book 1: Touched by Time
Book 2: River of Time
Book 3: Winds of Time
Book 4: Secrets of Time
Book 5: Changed by Time
Book 6: Christmas in Time

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