To Rescue a Scandalous Lady
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To Rescue a Scandalous Lady by Meghan Sloan

The fiery Margaret Birks dreads her third season in London. Being born from a scandalous affair between her Viscount father and a maid, she’s always felt isolated and despised by the Ton. However, the moment she has given up hope of ever finding passionate love, she is lured to the dancefloor by the most seductive and intriguing Duke. The more time she spends with the beguiling man, the more she finds herself wondering… How anything can come of it when so many hate her, but everything feels so right in his arms? Duncan Haskett, the Duke of Templeton, stands at a crossroads; he must choose whether to court Lady Margaret who makes him longing for her touch or to follow the path the Ton has already chosen for him. As if he did not have enough conflict on his plate, someone is determined to ruin their relationship before it even starts.. Will he fight for the most seductive woman he’s ever seen or will he let her go once and for all, to maintain his good reputation? While Margaret and Duncan feel unable to tame their flaming emotions, a wicked rumor shatters their connection to shards, forcing both to accept a loveless future. However, an unexpected intervention reorients them to their former paths, giving both the chance to reignite a lust too overwhelming to resist. Will they finally risk it all for love or will they allow their undeniable desire to fade away forever? "To Rescue a Scandalous Lady" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.
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