Timeless Hearts Prequel
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Timeless Hearts Prequel by Kay P. Dawson

**This is a short 6,000 word story to introduce you to the Timeless Hearts series** Self-proclaimed matchmaker Moira has always had the gift of knowing when two people are meant to be together. One night, while driving home in Heartsbridge, Texas, she comes across an old diner that calls to her. What she finds inside will change her life forever. Together with a woman from the past, Moira discovers how truly powerful her gift is. Hearts who have been born to the wrong time will now have the chance to find each other. Time travel is not without rules and conditions. Moira and her ancestor from the past will learn along the way that helping people find each other across the span of time comes with its own unique challenges. Can they convince the people they are destined to help that sometimes you just have to trust your heart to find the way?
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