‘Til Death Do Us Part: A Small Town Friends To Lovers Romantic Suspense (Haven Brook Book 1)
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I knew Mia was in trouble the moment she came running back to Haven Brook—the home she swore she would never return to. It wasn’t just the terrified look in her eye or the constant watching over her shoulder that told me she needed my help. It was the way my body felt every time I was around her. The urge to protect her while trying to fight the electricity that sizzled between us when we touched. But she wasn’t mine to touch, and her being on the run was a harsh reminder of why.

It was a race against time as she tried to escape the clutches of her abusive and controlling husband, and we were quickly running out of it. I knew that I had to do everything I could to save Mia, the only problem was that she wasn’t mine to save. I learned that the hard way the first time she left and took my heart with her.
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