Tiger’s Gambit
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Tiger’s Gambit by Minette Moreau

Earth is dying, humanity borders on extinction. Our plight seems hopeless — until they come for us. The males of Ximera are in danger of being lost forever if they cannot replace the women the plague stole from them. One by one, each Ximeran is paired with a human female. Not all the women of Earth are fully human, however. Myself included. And when my transport is hijacked, I’m forced to show my true form to protect myself. Despite finding me amongst the shredded remains of my captors, my mate seems delighted by the tiger inside of me. But I fear the reality of being mated to a shifter may be more than he can stomach. And in the shadows, another threat lurks, waiting to strike again. If I cannot convince Rakon to accept my claiming bite, if he refuses to stand with me against this evil, both our species risk losing everything.
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