Three In Love
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Three In Love by Mia Masters

Should I help my two hot bosses cross me off their "to-do" list? Having one devastatingly gorgeous boss is a risky enough temptation. But with two blazing hot billionaires bossing me around, the danger is doubled. They're out of my league. Plus, they're in a relationship together. So I can't believe it when I learn my crush on them isn't one-sided. But rather it's just the tip of the triangle. I know I shouldn't get involved with either of them. Yet I can't resist letting both of them get deep into me! They introduce me to new pleasures I'd never even dreamed of. All while sharing each other's bodies, too. And the more they give me, the more I crave. Everything we're doing is just for fun, after all. Anything more could mean risking our careers. But soon we're all into each other emotionally as well as physically. And "no strings attached" becomes a tangled web we're trapped in. Will they leave me hanging in knots? Or can we unravel the mess we've made... and weave together a future for all three of us? Three in Love is a box set of TEN standalone books in the bisexual MMF menage romance series of the same name. The books have no cheating and no cliffhangers, but they do have a very happily ever after and plenty of MMF heat. (Swords cross! A lot.) The books included in this collection are: Three Stranded, Three Locked In, Three in Quarantine, Three Roommates, Three Valentines, Three in a Blizzard, Three in a Dreamhouse, Three Working It Out, Three Working Hard, and Three on a Work Trip. This bundle is PACKED with double the feels and steam to keep your eReader on fire as you binge-read the entire collection!

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“A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.” ― Italo Calvino, The Uses of Literature

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