Then Love Happened
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Then Love Happened by Namita Bajaj

“Namita defines love in modern times” - THE Deccan Herald He was her first love...she wasn’t his. Embracing the journey towards love. What happens when marriages are built on a foundation of lies? What happens when what if’s underline the essence of relationships? And what happens when the right thing to do no longer feels right? In a world where often women deal with the shambles of regret and misplaced identities in their marriages, Samar is emblazoned with a life that brims with success, abundance but also deceit in his. A gentleman in every aspect, he hones a charming demeanour, but is tied in a nuptial that shadows his happiness. Naisha believes that marriages can be a solution to every problem and thus, emits the disclosure of one very vital aspect of her life before her wedding with Samar. One child and four years later, the only smile that they see is that of their 3-year-old son. Suhana lives in a world where life has thrown the harshest of choices her way. The early demise of her father and the second marriage of her mother, renders her deficit in her belief in love. A girl who is scarred with scepticism in life, she is self-made and lives each day - one at a time. As they navigate through unexpected challenges and newfound feelings, will they find an answer that will lead them to Love? Set against the vibrant backdrop of Mumbai, the city that pulsates with life and myriad emotions and Jaipur, the city that harbours elegance, “Then Love Happened”, challenges not only love's capacity to heal but also its potential to redefine our very understanding of relationships as we know it so far. NAMITA BAJAJ With words being her passion, Namita Bajaj is a writer at heart and an achiever in being. A bestselling author, a noted web journalist, content developer and motivational speaker, she has crafted numerous professional as well as fictional works for her clients across the globe. Her orientation towards literature, corporate research, creative intellect and a work experience in the field for over 14 years has fetched her many accolades, including recognition from the prestigious Cambridge University. Namita is here with her latest work, delving into the complexities of marriages and broken promises. WWW.NAMIBAJAJ.COM
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