Their Crowned Mate (Luna Rejected Book 3)

They know. My former pack, my traitorous father, the alphas who rejected me… and most importantly, the three men I love.

I never thought I’d have my pregnancy announced onstage during a fake mating ceremony. I also kind of thought I’d at least know who the father of my baby is, but with the fae emperor trying to break into our world, me and my guys have even bigger problems to solve.

Somehow, I have to find a way to keep the overprotective alpha males around me in line, overthrow a tyrannical empire, and deal with a ghost from my past who wants another chance--all while hunting down my birth father and the rightful King of the Fae, because this former pack princess is not interested in being anyone’s queen.

Yeah, I think I’m gonna be a little late for my shift at the bar.

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