The Widower
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The Widower by Jennifer Spredemann

He needs a fraa, and a mother for his kinner. She wants someone to love. Could their meeting be a match made in Heaven? Emily Miller loves tending her garden and roadside stand, but she admits her love life is dull. While she’s ridden home from singings with several young men from her community, none of them fulfills the image her mind’s eye conjures up. She wants a man who is not only kind and hardworking, but responsible and loves children. So, when shy widower Titus Troyer shows up at her roadside stand with his adorable kinner, something tugs at her heart. Titus Troyer made a fool out of himself when he prematurely asked Martha Miller to marry him and attempted a courtship with her, and he doesn’t ever intend to repeat a mistake of that magnitude again. But when vibrant Emily Miller, Martha’s younger sister, meets his eye at her family’s roadside stand, he can’t deny his attraction. But would a pretty, and very available, young woman like Emily even give a man like him a second thought? More importantly, can he summon the courage to find out? A sweet love story about finding love when you least expect it. Books in the AMISH COUNTRY BRIDES Series include: The Trespasser The Heartbreaker The Charmer The Drifter The Giver The Teacher The Widower The Keeper The Pretender The Arranger (currently titled The Arrangement in the Amish Spring Romance collection, solo book will be available May 2023) The Healer The Newcomer (prequel to the series) Characters you'll laugh, cry, and fall in love with. Faith-filled Amish love stories set in Indiana from USA TODAY bestselling author Jennifer Spredemann!
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