The Unexpected Omega
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The Unexpected Omega by Jacey Davis

While the content has remained largely the same, this version has been re-edited, revised, and proofread by a professional editor for a more cohesive and enjoyable reading experience. It's also been changed from 1st person past tense to 1st person present tense. It had been nearly 150 years since the last Omega. Nearly 150 since the last male pregnancy, since the last time anyone experienced any of the genetic traits that made a person an Alpha, Beta, or Omega. Now, everyone was just human, and any knowledge of the past came from stories passed down from generation to generation or history books. The last thing on River Simmon’s mind when he entered the bar that evening was old history about Alpha and Omegas. All he wanted to do was put his bad day behind him and have some fun. Cooper Covington had similar ideas. After his best friend convinced him to go out to the bar after a breakup, all he wanted to do was enjoy himself and forget his troubles. From the moment the two men laid eyes on each other they felt a connection. Neither man entered the bar planning on a hookup, but the spark between them was just too hard to resist. What they hadn’t understood at the time was something that was just supposed to be a one-night stand would end up connecting the two men forever, in more ways than one. The Unexpected Omega is the first book in a new contemporary series featuring non-shifter mpreg. While this is a series, each book will feature a new couple, and there will be no cliffhangers. You can expect a guaranteed HEA in each novel. Content warning for discussions about past child abuse, long-term illness of a parent, and dealing with grief and the effects of a parent dying.
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