The Unbeating Heart (A Toll Of Flesh Book 1)
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*This is a character-driven, true dark romance fantasy novel with morally black villains as poly love interests.*

How does it feel to want when your heart has never known love?

Selene Argentea leads an isolated life of disenchantment as the mistreated spymaster at the royal court of Valourya. After a long period of relative peace, the small human kingdom faces the emerging threat of two charismatic cult leaders, Nyxis and Zalthorn, grasping for power. Selene is sent on a hopeless and deadly mission to infiltrate the Order of the Unbeating Heart and assassinate the heads of the organization.

A treacherous and sinful game begins.

Selene finds herself thrown into emotional turmoil, bearing a lifetime of regret about following orders instead of her heart. Torn between her sense of duty and unwelcome attraction toward the people she was commanded to kill, her fate becomes hers to decide for the very first time.

Side by side with her enemies, she discovers who she truly wants to be.

This book is only intended for an adult audience. It contains graphic violence, sexual content and strong language. Reader discretion is advised.

Please refer to the trigger warnings inside the book and on the author's website.


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