The Travels of Dr. Rebecca Harper : Troubled Waters Book 2
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Dr. Rebecca Harper-Buchanan continues her journey in the 1800s on the Cattle Creek Ranch. She is now a qualified doctor as well as a trained veterinarian. Rebecca must contend with the health problems of both animals and humans without the benefit of modern medicine she once enjoyed. Married now to Sam Buchanan, she must learn to balance the needs of her family and the demands of her practice in the Nevada boomtown, Virginia City. In her first year as the Queen of the Cattle Creek Ranch, Rebecca has to negotiate family dramas that threaten to end her idyllic life. Sam Buchanan travels overseas to save the life of his son but fails to return. Is Rebecca widowed and alone once again in this time warp? Should she and could she return to her former life and time? Is her life as dramatic and dangerous as portrayed in the television series Comstock? What else must Rebecca do to survive in her new life?

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