The Time Vessel
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The Time Vessel by Claire Grendon

She's an ambitious history student. Accepted into a special program, she needs to travel into the past and stop history from changing. But will she be the right match for her companion, and will they be able to stop the Time Pirates before it's too late? Daphne is a driven Harvard history student. Trying to get a part-time job in the department, she's overjoyed when her professor reveals that she's been selected to participate in a special project. To her astonishment, the project involves traveling in time to stop history from changing. Still reeling, she's led down a secret passageway under the university grounds to a cavernous command center hiding a large and unusual sloop. Derik, a charming, older student and Daphne's partner in the mission, greets her and reveals that she's been very carefully chosen. Why? Because for the sloop time vessel to work they need to be a perfect match. It's the only way for them to slip through the time portal. Once in the past, they need to find the Time Pirates and stop them from changing the course of history and their future. The only question is, is Daphne the right person to match Derik? And if she is, will they be able to successfully use the portal, find the Time Pirates, and stop them before they accomplish their goal? The Time Vessel is an exciting, adventurous series for time travel aficionados. Order your copy now and get in on this Time Pirate's adventure!
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