The Seduction of a Highland Thistle
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One deceitful vow led them to a union destined to shatter their hearts… Iris Grant must escape her devious betrothed to save her clan. Orchestrating her death in a fire to evade his grasp, she is left with a soul more charred than her marred skin. But, as she flees to seek refuge with her loving uncle, Iris nearly kills a man in her attempt to steal his horse. Yet, what’s worse is that he turns out to be the only man who can save her… Tristan Cabduh is a broken man, haunted by scars of war and his late father’s vicious behavior. Seeking peace amidst the shattered remnants of his life, all he desires is to stay away from trouble. Yet with a powerful enemy knocking at his doorstep, the only way to keep his clan safe is to avoid war at any cost and play by the rules. And when he collides with a lass who threatens to turn his world upside down, he knows he must stay away, yet he cannot resist her… Iris knows that marrying Tristan is her only chance of survival. But he can never discover that his greatest foe is also her former betrothed, who will slay them both if he finds out… They both fell for each other, blessed to have tasted love and cursed to shall never have it… "The Seduction of a Highland Thistle" is a Historical Scottish romance novel of more than 400 pages. STANDALONE, No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Best-Selling author, Fiona Faris, invites us to an unforgettable journey to the breathtaking scenery of the Scottish Highlands. Are you ready to dive into a heartwarming story of thrilling adventure and mystic attraction? *If you like brawny Highland warriors with a soft heart and steamy romantic stories depicting the majestic and mysterious Scottish Highlands, then The Seduction of a Highland Thistle is the perfect novel for you.

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